Out People of Color-PAC endorses Kurland over Quinn

The Out People of Color Political Action Club (OutPOCPAC), a New York City based non-partisan, political club of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and two-spirit (LGBTTS) people of color, has endorsed challenger Yetta Kurland over incumbent City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in Manhattan's City Third Council District. The club held its endorsement meeting July 22nd.

Quinn Morphed from Activist to Sell-out. Watch her Morph!

Welcome to Christine Quinn Morph!

In 1998 Christine Quinn was an activist, a fighter. She defended tenants, neighborhoods
and the LGBT community. In 2009, Quinn has morphed into the darling of Real Estate
developers and landlords, helping to displace her constituents, a lapdog to Mayor Bloomberg,
violating the public trust by undoing term limits and created the culture
of corruption in the Slush Fund Council.

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Flashback: Quinn got award for Betrayal of Progressive Values

It's time for a Quinn Flashback ... we take you back to the thrilling days of yesteryear, where we learn that Christine Quinn's character is no better today than it was back then!

CBID Gives Quinn A Dubious Distinction
NY Daily News
May 19, 2008

At their 39th anniversary dinner last night, the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats presented the club's "tarnished fork" award to Council Speaker Christine Quinn in light of the ongoing slush fund scandal.

The award, which the club gives to the person or groups it deems to have most betrayed reform and "progressive Democratic values," was given in abstentia, as Quinn wasn't on hand to receive it. (more after the jump)

Quinn Protested During Naming of Jane Jacobs Way

published by Epoch Times
By Stephanie Lam

Just like her smile, the photo on the left is fake. But the protests were real (not just Coney Island) and the article is real.

NEW YORK­ -- The section of Hudson Street between Perry Street and West 11th Street, where writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs lived, was renamed Jane Jacobs Way on Monday despite protests that Council Speaker Christine Quinn is against what Jacobs stood for.

Speaker Quinn and other government officials spoke at the ceremony, and presented a commemorative Jane Jacobs Way Street sign to Doris Diether, who worked with Jane Jacobs in the 60s, and is very active in Community Board 2. (more after the jump)

DC 37 Denies Quinn Endorsement

As first reported in The Chief-Leader, DC 37, one of the most powerful city unions, has denied what normally would have been an automatic endorsement to Christine Quinn for re-election. This is a highly unusual move for a so-called progressive Democratic candidate, especially one is such a powerful position.

City Hall News has more on the story after the jump:

When did Quinn start lying?

In 1999, when Christine Quinn first ran to succeed Tom Duane as NYC's third district councilmember, she made a strong and unequivocal promise to her then future constituents: She had not and would not take money from landlords or developers. "No I haven't and no I won't," she said with emphasis.

And we believed her. After all, she had formerly been the Chief of Staff to Tom Duane, who as (at that time) a strong tenants' advocate. And she had a strong history of advocacy herself. But that was ten years ago and the Christine Quinn of 2009 is not the Christine Quinn of 1999.

Maybe Quinn has a short memory retention, but it did not take long before Quinn started to break her promise. A re-examination of her campaign contributions from 1999 shows she was lying through her teeth even during her first campaign. And today, as then, she's in complete denial. (more after the jump)

Jane Jacobs would have Protested Quinn

An old proverb goes, the third time someone calls you a donkey, it's time to get a saddle. Christine Quinn, you're no Jane Jacobs; but you are a donkey!

Quinn was on hand to dedicate Hudson Street between Perry and West 11th Streets as Jane Jacobs Way. But Jane Jacobs never lied to her constituents (as Quinn has) claiming she would never take money from real estate landlords and developers, and then roll in millions from those very same interests. Jane Jacobs would have been in the street protesting Christine Quinn, her dirty money and development sell-out policies.

More Protests hit Christine Quinn

On Tuesday, Christine Quinn was met with more protests over her role in ending Term Limits, her Slush Fund and her sell-out to developers and landlords. The Quinn campaign event was for NARAL and Planned Parenthood supporters, but only a very few were seen walking into her campaign headquarters.

Quinn operative Wayne Kawadler showed classic Quinn arrogance. appearing to call out the police. Did he file a police report falsely claiming protestors were blocking the door? Kawadler was described as "coming long way - from protesting to calling the cops on demonstrators."

And the cops came. You can't chant. You can't leaflet. You can't be here. You need to go. They brought out the brass, the detectives, the undercover cops to take photos of the protest. It was as if a sign questioning Quinn could overturn the Khamenei. As in Iran, demonstrators asked, "Where is our vote?"

Quinn rolled up in her city-provided SUV
with city-provided NYPD detectives.
She scurried inside,
head down, tail between her legs,
in shame.



Protest hits Quinn Fundraiser

Demonstrators protest Christine Quinn's Human Rights record (or lack of any discernable record) last week (June 25th). According to one source, Quinn or her staff called the police on the demonstrators and then scurried inside when her SUV rolled up.

Among her supporters were Howard Koeppel (Queens automotive dealer who let Giuliani crash in his home after Rudy publicly dissed his then wife Donna Hanover), Tim Gay (who supposedly went postal inside the Board of Elections office), Brad Hoylman, chief shill for NYC developers, and several other Quinn hacks and cronies.

The protest was called by the New York City Human Rights Initiative, but by the 25th, it attracted those fed up with Quinn for many additional reasons.

This from an email from the NYCHRI:

Over the past few years, Speaker Quinn has talked a lot about her commitment to promoting human rights and equality for all New Yorkers, but her record tells another story:

  • She has used City Council to rubber-stamp Mayor Bloomberg's agenda, including pushing through the term limits extension against the will of the people of New York City

  • She has refused to set a hearing date for Human Rights GOAL, a bill that would proactively combat discrimination against New York's most vulnerable communities - including the LGBTQ community she claims to represent.

  • She has refused to use the power of her office to compel the Department of Education to fully implement the 2004 Dignity in All Schools Act and has failed to do anything effective or comprehensive to address the epidemic of bullying and bias-based harassment in public schools

  • She has done nothing to strengthen the underfunded, understaffed and ineffective NYC Commission on Human Rights, which is ostensibly responsible for implementing & enforcing NYC human rights law.

Join NYCHRI in a rally to let her know that New Yorkers hold her accountable for her failure as Speaker to promote and protect our human rights!

photos: Donny Moss and Pauline Park

Quinn-Bloomberg tax goes Kerflooey

Remember last October, it was the same Frick and Frack claiming the world would end unless they were able to stand for re- election, that it was their competence that was necessary to protect the city in these tough times?

But in reality, it was their malfeasance and give-aways to developers and corporations that -- in large part -- led the city's finances to the ruin they are now in. So while Bloomberg is cutting every social service he can get his hands on, convincing the same union members who just lost their jobs that he's their savior, at the same time he and Quinn agreed to increase the budget for 13 of the city's 59 BIDs anywhere from 8-30%. According to Globe Street, the 34th Street Business Improvement District will get $9.3 million more. The Steinway Street BID (Queens) is getting a 30% increase.

Who pays for all this? Until a few hours ago, it seemed we all would in the form of a Sales Tax increase approved by Bloomberg and Quinn.

But the news today reveals that the sales tax, which must be approved in Albany, just went poof! With no end in site to the Albany mess, you can be certain that Bloomberg and Quinn will find some other worthy cause to eviscerate. They are already making the homeless pay shelter rent. Will Quinn next stick it to Widows and Orphans?

But the thought struck us that Quinn has all this real money in fake accounts waiting for her to give it away to political allies. Perhaps her Slush Fund could save some libraries or Fire Stations. Maybe all the real estate money she's been pocketing could go for something other than her campaign coffers? And perhaps the city could just stop massive give-aways to her friends: developers like Durst, Extell (Gary Barnett), David and Jed Walentas (Two-Trees), and Steinbrenner. See the Daily News story after the jump.

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