Christine Quinn has Anger Management Issues

Listen to how Quinn treats her own constituents

On December 17, 2002, community residents of Manhattan's West Side and from 43 community groups held a press conference at City Hall opposing Bloomberg's plan for Hudson Yards and the Jets Stadium. Quinn refused to attend the news conference, cowering inside City Hall. Later that day she left this phone message on the answering machine of one of the organizers. In the last ten years, Quinn has gone from a supporter of communities to being completely bought by real estate developers and landlords.

Update: Quinn's answering machine meltdown audio is now featured in The Gothamist. However one error in that article should be noted. We did not demand anonymity. We stated that the bulk of our phone conversation with the Gothamist reporter was off-the-record (which is not the same thing as anonymity and allows for a more casual conversation). The reported asked to use certain quotes, to which we agreed.

Quinn Isn't Afraid to Let Her Fury Fly

New York Times
by Michael M. Grynbaum and David W. Chen

Christine C. Quinn was not pleased.

A session of the New York City Council had descended into chaos, and lawmakers were openly questioning her leadership. Ms. Quinn, the Council speaker, decided there was one person to blame: Betsy Gotbaum, then the city’s public advocate, who had been presiding.

The response was sudden and fierce. Ms. Quinn summoned Ms. Gotbaum to an office nearby and, with little warning, began shouting at her in increasingly angry tones about appearing weak in front of other lawmakers.

“You were like Bambi in there!” Ms. Quinn exclaimed, slamming her hand on a table for emphasis, according to Ms. Gotbaum, who was on crutches at the time.

Greg David on how Quinn might give Gracie Mansion to the Republicans again

Crains NY Business, March 24, 2013
Greg David

A news report on WNBC last week on the spat between City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg over establishing an inspector general for the New York Police Department involved a series of point-counterpoint clips. At the end, the woman I live with turned to me and said, "And that woman is going to be the next mayor?"

Quinn gets Massive Corporate Support at expense of Middle Class

City business leaders opposing paid sick leave are sending Speaker Christine Quinn big checks
New York Daily News
More than 180 people signed a letter saying a mandate for paid sick leave would be costly for small business last summer, and many of them are Quinn donors. Her campaign finance chair, Sally Susman, is one of them.
by Jonathan Lemire
March 22, 2013

Business leaders opposing paid sick leave legislation have raised or given nearly $370,000 to the mayoral campaign of the person who has blocked a vote on the bill: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Daily News has learned.

The business leaders were among the 180 people who penned an open letter to Quinn last summer arguing that mandating paid sick leave would be prohibitively costly for small businesses. They called themselves the “Coalition for a Healthy Economy.”

At the time, the Daily News reported that several of the letter’s signatories were major Quinn donors, including her campaign finance chair, Sally Susman.

But a review of the latest campaign finance reports reveals just how much money those donors have pumped into Quinn’s mayoral campaign.

Dog Bites Quinn

New York Post
Prober rips NYPD plan
by David Seifman and Dan Mangan
March 22, 2013

Even the agency that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants to play Big Brother to the NYPD thinks it’s a terrible idea.

Department of Investigation Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn wrote a letter to the mayoral front-runner yesterday laying out a laundry list of problems with the proposal that would have Hearn’s agency monitor NYPD policies and procedures.

“I do not think this plan is the best course of action at this time,” said the letter, obtained by The Post.

The Mighty Quinnberg

Huffington Post
March 18, 2013
by Alec Baldwin

How do I convey this without offending the gay community, or women who are supportive of more women in politics, or those who believe that Michael Bloomberg was a great mayor for New York? It may be impossible, but here goes.

Christine Quinn is not qualified to be mayor of New York.

I know. She was so strong on the marriage equality issue. And New York City has never had a woman mayor before and if not now, when? New York appears to be "greener" than ever before and crime is down. Or so I'm told. As Bloomberg leaves office, he leaves a city that is more polarized than ever by issues of wealth, taxes and how much a city such as New York owes its residents versus what it owes the wealthy corporations that define it as much as its people.

Quinn stacking Stonewall Club to manipulate vote

New York Post
Quinn gay-vote grab
by Michael Gartland
March 11, 2013

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is so worried about losing the endorsement of a prominent gay-rights group that she’s stacking it with new members, a source said.

“The Stonewall Democratic Club ­ 100 new members came into that club for Chris Quinn,” said one member. “It would be a tremendous embarrassment if [Stonewall] didn't endorse her.”

Quinn, the only openly gay candidate for mayor and the front-runner in the Democratic primary, just narrowly won the endorsement four years ago of Stonewall, an LGBT group.

Christine Quinn's Endorsement From Home Club at Risk, Sources Say

by Mathew Katz
February 25, 2013

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn might lose the endorsement of the political club that launched her to power, New York has learned.

The Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, a bastion of progressive politicians since 1958, helped transform Quinn from a young housing advocate to the City Council Speaker. But now, many Chelsea residents, dissatisfied both with her performance representing their neighborhood and her job as speaker, have joined the club in a bid to ensure anyone but Quinn wins its mayoral endorsement.

Multiple sources told New York that several of Quinn's recent actions ­ from backing Mayor Michael Bloomberg's third term to supporting a controversial expansion of Chelsea Market ­ have convinced many residents that she no longer represents the interests of the neighborhood.

Why Christine Quinn should not be re-elected in 2009

Christine Quinn:

  • violated the public trust by overturning Term Limits without a public referendum.
  • is being investigated by the U.S. attorney’s office for slush funds allocated to fictitious charities
  • is beholden to large developers and landlords
  • turned City Council into a rubber-stamp for Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda
  • has betrayed the LGBT community when politically expedient
  • is one of NYC’s lowest scorers on human rights and animal welfare

Christine Quinn has failed to use her office to push a progressive agenda that would benefit the people of the West Side. She gave Bloomberg critical support in his campaign to undo term limits. She has changed from a respected activist to being an advocate for landlords, Real Estate developers and corporations. The September 15th Democratic Primary will be your opportunity to vote Christine Quinn out of office.

Quinn's Fake Tenant Credentials (phony as McKee's)

"the endorsement of Quinn as a tenant “advocate” is truly a case of putting lipstick on a pig.” Read Neil Fabricant's expose after the jump. New: updated and annotated with extensive analysis of Quinn's "Landlord Protection Act."


This is our annual "Why Tenants Lose" issue on the upcoming Democratic primary, this Tuesday, September 15th. We focus on the re-election campaign on Christine Quinn. While it's only one Council race among many, as City Council Speaker, Quinn is the second most powerful elected official in New York City, and has opened the door to many of Mike Bloomberg abuses on tenants. No longer a protector of tenants, Quinn is firmly the landlords' cheerleader.

Yet, she is seeking re-election claiming to be a tenant advocate. To swindle the electorate, she's enlisted well-known flim-flam man Michael McKee and the so-called Tenants' Political Action Committee (if you remember, McKee is the alleged tenant advocate who endorsed Peter Vallone for governor and who sat with Shelly Silver as they imposed Vacancy Decontrol in 1997). McKee's power base still is with NYS Tenants & Neighbors: two affiliated organizations that receive most of their funding from City Council and other politicians -- giving them an obvious incentive to make false positive claims about Quinn.(more after the jump)

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