Where's Waldo? (or at least, where is Christine Quinn)?

We noticed this a while back. Political hacks and wannabees put out media advisories of their public schedules to alert the press and get media coverage of whatever they want to say that day.

So if you want to see Christine Quinn or Michael Bloomberg or Chucky Schumer live and engaging in their ubiquitous pandering, you can get on a press list or get access to publications like the AP Daybook that lists the political events of the day.

City & State, a publication by former mayoral wannabee Tom Allon, also has a political schedule in its daily email, but it seems to be somewhat massaged and filtered for the general public.

If you've ever noticed how newspapers have complete stories ready to go while an event is still happening, or about to happen, it's because politicians will give the information to the press early allowing them to write the stories as long as they are not published until the time specified by the political office.

Thus, the use of "embargoing" a press release. You may get the release one day, but ethically a reporter is not supposed to publish the story until the time specified by the campaign office.

The use of embargoing device happens occasionally, but it seems that Christine Quinn is using it for almost all of her campaign appearances. If for no other reason, Quinn is trying to avoid having to contend with the protesters (the sane ones and the insane ones -- there are both) that show up at her appearances.

According to The Politicker's article, Quinn's campaign office sends out all of her press releases with the caveat "NOT FOR PRINT OR BROADCAST” and “ALL ITEMS EMBARGOED UNTIL DATE AND TIME OF EVENT."

None of the other mayoral candidates have put such restrictions in place. Quinn claims this is "standard practice," but political observers know that's bullshit.

Bill Thompson's campaign stated, "Our schedule is public, because Bill believes that when you’re asking for public trust and support you need to be accessible to the public, to answer their questions and hear their concerns," and "Personally, I can’t understand why any candidate for Mayor would want to hide from the public, but I can’t explain the strategy of the Quinn campaign."

What strategy? To hunker down in secrecy while her constituents - many of whom have been betrayed by her actions over the last 14 years - object to her candidacy? That's what Nixon did.

The Sal Albanese campaign went further. “That’s a poor reflection of what kind of mayor she’d be, transparency is an important quality in a mayor,” said Todd Brogan, a spokesman for former Councilman Sal Albanese. “It doesn’t reflect well on Christine Quinn that she wants to keep the public from knowing what she’s doing.”

If nothing else, this is more evidence of Christine C. Quinn's lack of character.

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New TV ad exposes Quinn's role in Hospital closing (but not the other hospital)

The Anybody-But-Quinn coalition (which has no connection to www.christinequinn.com) released a new TV ad today highlighting Christine C. Quinn's role in the closing of St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwhich Village.

Unfortunately the ad missed the closing of the "other" St. Vincent's Hospital, the former St. Claire's Hospital on West 52nd Street in Hell's Kitchen.

St. Claire's was known as St. Vincent's Midtown until it closed.

Much of the story of St. Claire's is different from the downtown hospital, and its closing received much less exposure, but the impact and loss of the hospital on the Hell's Kitchen/Clinton community was just as bad. And — like SV Downtown — developers circled the wagons plucking whatever dead meat they could from the former hospital's campus. Christine Quinn, along with Tom Duane and Richard Gottfried, stood silently by allowing this to happen.

See the new ad from New York is Not for Sale:

After the jump, see the article from the NY Observer on this new ad.

Latest Poll: Quinn loses more ground

Last week the Quinnipiac Poll was released showing Christine C. Quinn had dropped from 37 to 32 points among the various Democratic mayoral candidates. Quinn would need at least 40% to avoid a runoff election after the primary.

That poll came after the March 26, 2013 New York Times article exposing her temper, vindictiveness and willingness to cut funding to seniors and youth programs in retaliation for perceived slights. It also came after the release of the 2002 audio tape where she berated a West Side constituent for daring to oppose the Bloomberg plan including the West Side Jets stadium.

The following week, Quinn felt the sting of the Anybody But Quinn coalition formed by CWA Local 1180 and others, and the ad they released on NY1 and other cable stations.

Her reaction was to demand the cable stations remove the ad. They refused. She then tried to get her opponents to join her in condemning the ad. They refused. Her reaction has been widely seen as an attack on Free Speech and the First Amendment.

So the next poll has been anticipated by many political watchers to see how much, if any, additional ground she would lose after the latest developments.

The wait is over. The Marist Poll is being released April 17, and it shows Quinn's percentage points have dropped another two points to 30 percent.

This poll is complicated because it allows for the potential candidacy of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is thinking about entering the race. If he jumps in, then Quinn's poll numbers drop to 26 percent. That would be a loss of eleven percent in the last month.

These numbers do not entirely clarify whether Quinn's decrease in support is due to the sustained criticism and her reactions to that, or to what would be considered soft support, that which relates primarily to her name recognition. (Most early polls are about name recognition).

But either way, the ability for Quinn to reach the needed 40% is proving to be more elusive. In the coming months - with or without Weiner - her primary opponents are likely to increase their public recognition and poll numbers, further cutting into her lead.

These developments could potentially help Quinn as well, by moving the focus and scrutiny of the race from Quinn to Weiner. The NYC press corp would like nothing more than to sell headlines about sexting than about Quinn. She's a lot of things, but she's not sexy.

A more detailed analysis -- along with the poll itself -- follows after the jump.

Rudy Giuliani Stomps for Quinn?

Fear not, it's comedian/impersonator Randy Credico

Hey Quinn, Don't Stomp on our Constitution!

Seems the NYC is Not for Sale coalition (which financed the television ad now playing on NY1) and recipient of the vindictive wrath of Christine C. Quinn when she demanded the cable stations pull the ad ... well, they paid a little visit to Quinn's District Office. We're surprised the District office is still in business as constituents of Quinn haven't seen her actually do anything for at least ten years. She's too busy helping developers tear down Chelsea and Clinton.

Delusional Cristine C. Quinn seeks help from those to whom she would "cut their balls off," but gets shot down by Sal Albanese

New York Daily News
Fighting SuperPAC Attack, NY Mayor Hopeful Chris Quinn Urges Rivals To Reject IE Help
by Celeste Katz
April 9, 2013

Democratic mayoral frontrunner Chris Quinn encourages her rivals to reject independent expenditure help in a letter sent after the City Council speaker found herself in the crosshairs of a new superPAC ad campaign that frames her as a backroom dealer.

Quinn, via her campaign lawyer, has also asked Time Warner Cable to pull the unflattering spot from its rotation.

See Quinn letter - and more - after the jump

Quinn's abuse of power -- She threatens to revoke NY1 Cable News license for carrying attack ad

Quinn Pressures NY1 To Stop Airing Attack Ad On Term Limits, Living Wage Bill
New York 1 News
by Josh Robin
April 8, 2013

The first television ad of the mayoral campaign is an attack from an independent group on positions City Council Speaker Christine Quinn took on several progressive issues, and Quinn took the unusual step Monday to ask NY1 to stop airing the ad. NY1's Josh Robin filed the following report.

The early front-runner in the mayoral race, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, is finding herself subject to new attacks. She is the subject of the first attack ad of the campaign, and she does not like it one bit.

The 30-second spot, created by the independent group NYC Is Not For Sale, attacks Quinn for her stance on progressive issues including the living wage and sick leave bills.

The ad's provocative statements include, "Virtually all of Christine Quinn's decisions were made in rooms just like this with her friends in the 1 percent," and "How can you support her?"

New de Blasio TV ad revives Christine Quinn's Slush Fund talk

New York Daily News
De Blasio Video Hits Quinn on Member Items
by Erik Durkin
April 8, 2013

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio isn't letting up in his attacks on City Council Speaker (and Democratic mayoral primary foe) Christine Quinn over Council member items.

De Blasio released a video Monday setting to ominous music Quinn's defense of the Council's discretionary funding system:

Here is Quinn's April 8th email asking for more money

Note: after taking literally millions of dollars from landlords and real estate developers, in her deluded mind Christine C. Quinn has the audacity to call the NYISFS coalition the "special interests!"

Email from Christine Quinn:
Dear ______,

Today a SuperPAC made up of special interests launched the first negative ad of the campaign – and it was directed at me.

This attack ad, funded by those closely aligned with my opponents, is an all-out effort to undermine New York City’s public campaign finance system, the most progressive system in the country and one I have worked hard to strengthen. What a disgrace.

But I'm not backing down, I’m standing up. And I need you to stand with me.

My opponents' allies think they can circumvent the campaign finance system to try and tip the balance in this election – they’re wrong. We’re going to win by building the largest grassroots campaign in this race.

Donate $10 right now to help us fight back against these negative ads.

We will put your contribution to work right away. Your donation will allow us to open up campaign offices, put clipboards in the hands of our volunteers, and print handouts that give New Yorkers the facts about my record of fighting for the middle class and those striving to get there.

I can’t do this without your help. Please stand with me and donate today.


Christine Quinn

P.S. Donate now to help me fight back against the special interests.

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