When You Vote, Remember the Subway Kittens

While Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota may not care about the lives of two small kittens who found themselves on NYC's subway tracks, we must remember it has been Christine Quinn who put all of us - human and feline - in harm's way ever since she took office in 1999. Every vote for Quinn would Kill a Kitten!

We predicted what Quinn would do to NYC's kittens back in 2009:

For those who might get upset and accuse us of plagiarism, no, we didn't create the original. So get a life. (more after the jump)

Next, see here.

Remember Bloomberg, Doctoroff and Quinn tugging at your emotions that the Javits Center must be doubled in size, otherwise the poor Peruvian immigrants (pick any third-world nationality) would not be able to get jobs as busboys and start climbing the economic ladder?

And remember, this same crew claimed that we must get the 2012 Olympics -- tearing down neighborhoods across the city in the process -- so the poor little prepubescent Shawn Johnsons of the Bronx will be able to succeed in the world?

But no, there's a flip side to the warm & fuzzy public relations campaign. See what happened to Shawn Johnson!

The moral is that if you vote for Quinn, you just can't predict what might happen.